Core Features

  • Customizable for any XML protocol by protocol specific XSD and DTD
  • Editing and validating XML messages according to XSD and DTD
  • Built-in tree view editor for user-friendly XML messages editing
  • Sending manually messages to testable application
  • Test automation
    • Creating scripts by sequencing input and expected output messages
    • Executing test scripts
    • Load test

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  • Test assets management
    • Organizing test cases by grouping messages, scripts and test logs into test sets
    • Organizing a number of test sets into a test plan
  • Logging test results
  • Can be controlled by third-party test management systems
  • Full HTTP/HTTPS support; multiple incoming HTTP connections
  • UDPCP protocol support
  • Built in RP1 and MLP protocols support
    • Open Mobile Alliance's Mobile Location Protocol (up to v.3.2.0) and Roaming Location Protocol (v.1.0.0). See more information about OMA MLP/RLP support.
    • Open Base Station Architecture Initiative, RP1 interface (up to v.2.0). See more information about OBSAI RP1 support.
  • Samples and tutorials

Test scripting features

  • Embedded function mechanism allows to change message values dynamically in runtime
  • Global variables and variable expressions can be used in scripts
    • as message receiving conditions,
    • in if-else commands,
    • for assigning timeout values to timers,
    • for loop counter values
    • for assigning values to message fields
  • Conditional control actions (goto, stop, etc)
  • Variable expressions support in:
    • arithmetic operations
    • string concatenation
    • date/time functions
  • Message receiving condition can be based on
    • message field value comparison to value of another field
    • message field value comparison to variable expression or constant

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