TestCast 6.8.1 (06.01.2015)

New features:

  • Modified project explorer
  • Log view: saving message binary content to a file
  • In the ASCI mode of the log view, TestCast detects and transforms UTF-8 characters if they are present.
  • Runtime environment creation from command line


  • Diagnostic functions for TRI communication
  • TRI: support for TriSelf and TriRnd
  • Improved implicit string conversion in char2oct and char2int (compile time error caused by values out of bounds) 
  • Improved error logging in XML decoder
  • More efficient procedure for checking if a value has been completely initialized
  • Test case termination when TRI_ERROR is returned instead of test session interruption
  • Modifications and bug fixes in XSD conversion
  • Improved error handling and error messages for user
  • Improved error handling for TCI interface

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