TestCast 6.8.0 (09.04.2014)

New features:

  • TTCN-3:2014 support
  • Support for external logger process communicating over TCP/IP (C++, C#)
  • XSD files are automatically converted when the -rb flag is set in the command line tool


  • Some errors concerning compatibility of the language clause of an import statement were not detected
  • Instead of allowing to map ports when an outlist of component port is a subset of TSI port outlist, it was permitted to map ports when a TSI port outlist was a subset of a component port outlist
  • Not all connections/mappings were released when using disconnecting or unmapping several connections/mappings in one call
  • Extended references were not properly resolved in C#-based TCI extension
  • Warning when importing modules from newer TTCN-3 editions was changed to an error (compiler settings allowing to generate warnings was added too)
  • The compiler generates an error when a port type definition doesn't contain any message, signature or signal list
  • The port map operation didn't work properly if the system port was in the first argument
  • It was possible to use disconnect(all component:all port) and unmap(all component:all port) on PTCs
  • XML encoding properties incorrectly resolved in constructive types containing additional variant attributes
  • Auto-complete was not invoked in some cases
  • Defaults were not properly bound to components
  • Loading and saving of XML encoding didn't work properly in case of types derived from other structured types in specific cases
  • Fully qualified constants were not linked correctly Matching of undecoded anytype values didn't work properly
  • XPA wasn't properly activated if the adapter didn't contain XSA
  • Constrained character strings were not correctly encoded and decoded in the ASN.1 PER codec
  • UI editor glitch appearing on Ubuntu
  • Problems with namespace attributes in XML codec
  • Omit check was not properly done in the match operation
  • Type names were not checked for conflicts with local and imported module names in TTCN-3 code generated from XSD
  • Union type generated for XSD type/element substitution contained attributes of the original type
  • Types based on extended type reference starting with a reference to itself caused internal compiler error
  • Unexpected termination of TTCN-3 execution when attempting to decode XML-based union from an empty received message
  • Unexpected termination of TTCN-3 execution in case of active rejection logging, missing sender clause and empty received message
  • Messages couldn't be enqueued to system ports of active static configurations between test cases
  • XSD element substitution didn't work correctly
  • The action statement caused runtime stack corruption in some cases
  • Component timers passed to a function as parameters can be used in activate calls now
  • Location of text found by the search function
  • Unresolvable type recursion incorrectly detected in port type declaration in a specific case

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