TestCast 6.7.4 (28.01.2014)

New features:

  • Support of interfaces with continuous signals
  • Improved command line support
  • Extended TRI 1.2.1 Compiler setting for ignoring template restrictions


  • TCI was not initialized properly when using nested campaigns
  • XSD converter modified
  • Search is enabled in the compilation log now
  • Standalone PAs with xTRI support
  • When compiling restricted template parameters of modified templates, the compiler still used no longer valid restriction prohibiting the use of weaker restriction and generated incorrect errors
  • Ignored fields in indexed assignment lists didn't increase the size of the target value
  • Runtime processed concatenation of record of value with a value list no longer causes stack corruption
  • Compiler crash occurring when comparing an incompatible value with a value list
  • I/O error in command line tool when opening a project located in the current directory
  • Double dot in file names of created TTCN-3 runtime
  • Error in creating TTCN-3 runtime occurring when the source project contained schemas
  • XSD support: anyAttribute was incorrectly converted
  • XML encoding attributes applied to types derived from constructive types caused that the element names were not encoded and decoded correctly
  • Custom names of XML enumerations were not properly saved in some cases
  • XML codec no longer rejects documents with a schemaLocation attribute
  • Runtime crash in case of matching omitted value against constructive template occurring when detailed matching was active
  • Invoking of altsteps on incompatible components didn't lead to a test case error (or compilation error) in some cases
  • Rules for modifying record of/set of/array templates were too restrictive and didn't allow some legal modifications
  • Runtime-resolved concatenation with a value list lead to runtime stack corruption in a specific case
  • Under certain circumstances, stack trace was not printed in case of runtime error in an imported declaration part
  • Recompilation no longer triggered by different line breaks in the UI and file system
  • Compiler crash caused of invalid handling of XML name processing attribute
  • Memory leak in triEnqueue functions for procedure-based communication
  • In TTCN-3:2012 and older, the rules for modification of templates with a value restriction were not applied correctly
  • Present template restriction was not correctly applied to complement templates
  • The decvalue function didn't correctly return remaining bit string if the decoding didn't stop on an octet boundary or the source bit string ended with an incomplete octet
  • In case of XSD type substitution enabled, type name was incorrectly imported instead of module.
  • Error in processing the XSD "name as" in case the length was 1 char
  • Incorrect errors were generated when the parameter of the encvalue function contained a matching symbol or was (partially) uninitialized.
  • Incorrect errors were generated when the first parameter of the decvalue function was uninitialized.
  • References to local definitions prefixed with a module identifier were not resolved properly

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