TestCast 6.7.2. (01.08.2013)

New features:

  • Detailed mismatch report

  • Detailed decoding analysis

  • Log playback


  • Compiler switch for lax/strict check for functions invoked from special  places. Potential errors generate a compile time warning and runtime  errors in case of the lax check and compile time errors in case of the strict check. Only strict check was available in previous versions.
  • Logging of addresses
  • XSD scripts now available in code outline module and global views
  • Missing XmlSchemaImport elements with accessible Uri-s are automatically downloaded when converting XSD
  • 10 s grace period before automatically killing the SUT process when exiting testing mode
  • New property for switching off automatic killing of the SUT process
  • Re-opening the same project dialog
  • Font size can be changed with a command line parameter
  • Standalone altstep invocation didn't execute the initialization part again in case the altstep contained a repeat operation
  • Several blocking standalone statements didn't contain proper check for functions called from special places
  • Loading of scripts with complex cyclic imports didn't work properly in specific cases
  • Length restriction cannot be applied to a whole permutation anymore
  • Missing check for uninitialized items for signature templates used in communication operations
  • Incorrect error concerning uninitialized items when creating 
  • compile-time resolved list and complemented list templates containing signature templates
  • TM-logging of TciControlTerminated was triggered by incorrect condition
  • "ASN.1:2008" has been added to the list of supported language clauses
  • OpenType constraint propagation
  • Applying attributes from external attribute files
  • Proper handling of Encoding attributes for Information Object and open types in ASN.1
  • Permutation check: AnyElementsOrNone not correctly processed (especially when a fixed length extension is attached)
  • Compiler crash on import of nonexisting items from ASN.1
  • Compiler crash in concatenation of a value list and AnyElementsOrNone
  • Conversion of compatible constructive values caused unexpected exception if the converted value was not fully initialized
  • Equality operators didn't check if constructive values were fully initialized
  • \N references in patterns were not correctly resolved
  • Static MTC component name is not prefixed with configuration function instance anymore

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