TestCast 6.7.0. Release Notes

New features:

  • Extended TRI (xTRI) support
    Logging of template names
  • Extension package for reading SUT status
  • TRI support for parametrized map and unmap operations
  • ASN.1 permitted alphabet constraint support


  • Support for universal charstring parameters in predefined str2int and str2float functions
  • Incorrect constraint check procedure in receiving messages from other components
  • Missing values in case of out parameters of external functions are not processed as errors on TRI level
  • Types returned by the TCI GetTypeForName function didn't have correct name in some cases
  • Occasionally occurring problem with stack corruption during termination of components invoked by another component
  • XSD conversion: record item names were not correctly generated in case of attributes which had the same name after making the name TTCN-3 compatible (but before making the names unique)
  • Component compatibility check no longer fails in case of components containing inherited constants
  • Standalone stop and kill operations can be used in the control block
  • Compiler crash in the "to" part of send operations (if the "to" part contained errors
  • TRI/TCI: invalid error messages related to TRI/TCI protocol no longer appear in the log after component shutdown under certain conditions
  • Auto-complete function in the editor didn't display ASN.1-based identifiers properly

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