TestCast 6.6.2. Release Notes

New features:

  • Pop-up window for fast viewing of messages and comments in logs
  • Logged messages can be displayed in two different modes: message content and hexadecimal
  • Logged messages can be displayed using either local or fully qualified names
  • TTCN-3 settings: control block function check switched off by default ((only warnings will be generated)
  • Console compiler: default TTCN-3 settings can be changed by command line arguments
  • XliteAdapter: SIP client address can be specified on command line


  • Several graphical glitches in the text-based log view
  • Debugger "step out" function used to leave an active step icon in the editor status pane
  • Several fixes concerning enabling and disabling debugger toolbar buttons
  • Several issues in graphical log view related to the running log
  • Toolbar navigation buttons for the graphical view were not correctly enabled or disabled in some cases
  • Component items were not properly initialized if an extending component didn't contain any runtime-resolved content
  • Encoding of set and union values in the textual codec didn't work properly
  • Value assignment in receive clause embedded in interleave caused runtime error
  • Incorrect value/type check in receive operation (for unencoded values)
  • Runtime error in the valueof operation (in case the operand was a literal or constant expression)
  • Constraints were not handled properly in case of direct (not encoded) communication between components
  • Minor error report and type fix in Rs232 adapter
  • Interruption of pending TRI/TCI calls (when the call is made over TCP/IP)
  • Invalid address resolving of extended component ports in mapping operations
  • Clipboard function toolbar buttons and menu items were not correctly enabled or disabled in some cases
  • Template modification mechanism: several bug fixes connected with expansion mechanism being used in runtime
  • Range template: combination float, integer (and similar) occurring in the range template doesn't cause compiler crash anymore
  • Function calls and parametrized templates: parameter values requiring cast were resolved in runtime even if they were constants. This e.g. prevented compile time evaluation of parametrized template instances whose parameters contained constant value or field lists
  • Fix for the compiler crash in the template declaration occurring when the template name is already in use
  • Minor correction of the tab closing mechanism (fixes a bug occurring in openSUSE)
  • Undo/redo buttons were not refreshed correctly when leaving testing mode
  • Uninitialized values in logical operations (and, or) threw different exception than required 
  • An error is printed in case of invalid codec path
  • Under certain circumstances, TRI errors prevented TestCast from quiting
  • Save project as function didn't create copy of text files that were not opened in the tab view when saving to a different folder
  • Fix for a bug causing project files corruption if some of the files contain in the project couldn't be saved
  • Parametrized ASN.1 types were not handled correctly if they contained certain constraints
  • Compiler stack corruption in case of ASN.1 type constraints
  • Not completely decoded anytype values caused several crash situations in log view
  • ASN.1 table constraint was not properly applied during decoding using built-in codec
  • Compiled ASN.1 information objects were not properly loaded
  • Auto-complete function in the editor didn't display ASN.1-based identifiers properly
  • Runtime-resolved template length restriction were skipped in some cases

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