TestCast 6.6.1. Release Notes

New features:

  • New TTCN-3 runtime (up to 20 % faster and up to 40 % more memory-efficient)
  • Call stack and component view in the debugger
  • In debugger breakpoints enabling and disabling
  • Generic TCP adapter can be configured for protocols with message delimiters
  • Compiling modules and starting test cases from the code outline view
  • Generating SA code template for procedure based communication


  • Improved performance of the TCP adapter
  • Improved performance of the SA/PA interface
  • Faster loading of projects
  • Dedicated errors for incorrect use of the null value
  • Support for handling references to union and anytype field in case the union or anytype value contains a matching symbol
  • Several previously uncaught errors caused by calling functions from  places where it is forbidden are correctly detected now
  • Stricter rules for handling matching symbols that handle matching symbols for optional values
  • Order of operations when processing alt statement containing function calls with inout parameters in guards and alternatives
  • Handling of breakpoints in alt statements (when evaluating a snapshot)
  • Default mechanism updated according to the rules from operational semantics: the activate call just saves parameters and the calls the altstep with these parameters when evaluating a snapshot. The previous version executed the altstep declaration part and then used just the blocking part of the activated altstep when evaluating a snapshot.
  • Conversion of omitted TCI values
  • TCI XML codec: decoding empty record of and set of values
  • Port array logging in send/receive operations
  • Support for extended references in call block alternatives
  • XSD transformation rules: a version-specific branch for identifier transformation (for backwards compatibility)
  • Handling of enumerated items with a value equal to -1
  • Binary codec: signed setting was not properly applied to enumerated types

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