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TestCast 6.4

Elvior has released TestCast T3 version 6.4

New features:

  • Graphical logging
  • Support for ASN.1 information objects
  • Support for 64-bit integer values in java TCI interface
  • RS-232 protocol support
  • Possibility to call the internal codec from external codecs and vice versa


  • It possible to kill created but never started test components now
  • Newly created project items start with the word "untitled"
  • After changing the currently selected filter, the updated filter rules are applied now
  • Opening a script in a tab during project loading does not cause interruption of outline building and creation of an incomplete outline database
  • Fixed a problem caused by a race condition in starting a PTC from two different test components in the same time
  • Default folder for saving logs and reports changed to the user's application data folder
  • ASN.1 PER codec: decoding of extension bit in case of character strings
  • Go to definition and navigate back didn't work in some cases
  • Errors occurring in an ASN.1 module which was imported by another ASN.1 module were not properly logged
  • In rare cases, PTC behavior executing a loop was not terminated properly when the PTC was externally stopped
  • Minor fix for IPv6-enabled Windows XP machines concerning opening a listening socket for TRI connection
  • Fixed renaming of a logging session folder 
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