TestCast 6.10.1 (31.05.2016)

New features:

  • Expand template - tool for writing TTCN-3 code, which can be used to   expand and fill all fields of a structured template.
  •  Add template wizard - TTCN-3 editor tool, which can be used to generate   a template of a chosen type with default values.
  •  Code snippets - tool for writing TTCN-3 code, which enables to enter   predefined blocks of codes from context menu or by a quick key.
  • New TTCN-3 script wizard - a wizard for creating a new TTCN-3 script   which allows to choose a predefined module and a name for the script.
  • Snippet/Module Editor - editor for modifying and creating custom   snippets or modules.
  • Option for displaying a message box when a TTCN-3 action command is   executed   


  • Improved TTCN-3 attribute model: faster compilation times, lower memory consumption, fixes several XML-related issues
  • Support for quadruple and tuple notations in ASN.1
  • Support for ALL EXCEPT notation
  • Support for automatic import of named bits from ASN.1 to TTCN-3
  • Improved reporting of partially initialized values
  • Improved linking of default values of variable type value fields
  • Field assignment lists can contain objid notation
  • Issue with type compatibility of values based on an imported address  type in receiving statement clauses
  • XSD type substitution generates correct import lists now
  • Rare crash in TRI communication occurring during connection termination
  • Constructive values containing AnyElement or AnyElementOrNone are allowed in permutations now
  • Invalid type reference when checking if subset and superset are fully initialized
  • Improved "go to definition" feature

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