TestCast MBT is a model-based testing tool. It combines the benefits of automated test generation and automated test execution into a single tool.

TestCast MBT covers the entire model-based testing work-flow allowing users to define coverage, generate tests, execute them and analyze the results all from a single tool. 

Formalizing System Requirements 

 System requirements are formalised into a UML state machine model. Various UML tools are compatible with TestCast MBT. 

Automated Test Generation 

 The TestCast MBT test generation engine automatically designs and generates test cases from the formalized model of requirements.

Automated Test Execution

TestCast MBT renders generated test cases into executable TTCN-3 scripts – these are executed in included TTCN-3 execution environment. 

Test Results Analysis

TestCast MBT provides an intuitive interface to compare actual test results to expected behavior. Allowing users to quickly view test results and pinpoint deviations.


Seamless model-based testing workflow from system specification to analysis of test results:
  • All-in-one - test design and execution in the same toolset
  • One tool, one vendor - support from single contact point

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