Elvior to introduce it's TTCN-3 technologies in a workshop at the Nordic Testing Days

The Nordic Testing Days are a software testing conference taking place from 04.06 to 05.06 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia.  The event is for you if you like to...
  • ..hear unbelievable stories from real life,
  • ..share your experiences with others,
  • ..hear about not only success stories but also failure stories,
  • ..get your hands dirty with tools, methods and bugs
To register simply visit the following page: http://nordictestingdays.eu/?id=10

Elvior's testing expert and CTO Andrus Lehtmets will be offering an introductory workshop on our model-based TTCN-3 Technologies on Monday, the fourth of June at 10:30.  The workshop  will be based on a practical example. Students will learn:
  1. Theoretical background of model based testing
  2. Benefits of using TTCN-3 in model based testing
  3. How to build state models from system requirements specification
  4. Role of System Adapter in TTCN-3 test environment
  5. How to apply model based testing on practical testing task
  6. Results of TTCN-3 model based testing in 2 industrial case studies provided by Elvior Comparison of manual TTCN-3 testing and model based black-box testing is given.
We encourage everyone interested in the field of model-based testing to attend.