Keynote speakers

How do we test at Skype - Jan Plasberg

Jan Plasberg is Principal Test Manager for Skype's Real Time Communications group and has been part of the Skype journey since 2008. He has been growing the team from an initial 2 to now 40+ Software Development Engineers in Test located mostly in Tallinn and Stockholm. He introduced formal testing and release criteria for the Skype call and is an advocate of Continuous Integration in Skype. Jan has a 12 year history in VoIP with prior stations ranging from Aachen University of Technology, Global IP Solutions (now Google) to the Royal Institue of Technology in Stockholm both in development of codec technology and in research on Signal Processing and Information Theory.

Robert V. Binder

Robert V. Binder is a serial entrepreneur and software technologist withRobert-Binder extensive systems engineering experience. He has provided model-based testing solutions for clients facing existential regulatory challenges, founded a startup offering an automated testing system for mobile apps, and lead a consulting practice in software process and advanced software testing.

He was awarded a U.S. Patent for model-based testing of mobile systems. He is internationally recognized as the author of the definitive Testing Object-Oriented Systems: Models, Patterns, and Tools and two other books. His 58 articles in leading publications and peer-reviewed journals have been cited over 2,100 times.

A personal perspective on model-based testing - Jeremy Dick, Integrate Systems Engineering Ltd.

Jeremy’s talk will be inspired by his personal journey through the world of Jeremy-Dickmodel-based testing.  With a career that started in formal methods research, he first published work on model-based testing in a much-cited 1993 paper addressing the generation of test cases from VDM specifications, and subsequently worked in the use of animation of formal specifications as test oracles.  He helped design the software testing module in the Oxford University Software Engineering MSc course, which he taught for a number of years, and which contained strong model-based testing themes, including early theory on the relationship between formal proof and empirical testing. More recently, Jeremy worked on a team performing model-based testing of air traffic control software for the new iFACTS system for UK airspace, which went live in 2010.  He currently works as Principal Analyst for UK-based consultancy, Integrate Systems Engineering Ltd, offering consultancy, research and thought leadership in requirements management and the V&V aspects of systems engineering. A key theme of his current work is “Evidenced-based Development” in which every kind of validation, verification or test activity is viewed as a request for evidence.  He is co-author of a Springer book entitled “Requirements Engineering” that has recently reached its 3rd edition.
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